The holidays are quickly approaching. Last week was Halloween that means Christmas is next week and Thanksgiving is on Monday. I know, I know I sound crazy right now. But time is flying quicker than the speed of light. The holidays have always been all about love and family and all that jazz. Quite frankly its been all about the outfits for me. Finding my inspiration and finding an outfit has always been fun. This year it's not so much fun with corona love handles to contend with. But I digress. Check out a few looks from my Holiday look mood board. 


See all I want to do is give off 'I'm just here to be cute, comfortable, and fed' vibes. I did include one glamorous look because what are the holidays without glamour. Other than that the order of the day is 'comfort en luxe.' Comfort but make it fashion if you will. 

What did you guys have in mind this year? 


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