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For our first blog we’re talking about ‘The Group Chat.’ I was speaking with bae a few days ago and he doubted the power of ‘The Group Chat.’ A lot of times men get these ideas in their head about the things we do. For some reason they feel that because they do it we don’t. Well girls, I told one of our secrets. We run our mouths as much as they do.

Now let’s start  with the main purpose of The Group Chat, spilling the tea. Y’all know when somebody steps in the chat with that ‘GIIIRRRLL’ its time to pull on up with your popcorn. That message can only be about one of two things, a maayyyneee or a woman. Sounds crazy I know but lemme break it down a little further. When the tea is about a woman it almost always includes a screenshot or a screen record. Giiiirrrrlll did you know that Tamika was out here acting the fool. Or giiiirrrrlll did you know that Sasha was out here playing games with Billy’s stupid behind.

Now let’s get to the maaayynnee. Messages about men (or women depending on who you date) can go a few different ways. There’s the ‘omg I met this fooine man at Starbucks!’  Then there’s the ‘giirrrlll lemme tell you about this horrible date I just came from.’ There’s also the ‘idk what to do anymore. I love him but ...’ But our favorite is the ‘giiirrlll Malik spent the night and whew chile!’ You can also send some version of this in reverse which makes for some good jokes  but let’s remain positive lol.

Then we have the, 'lets get it' messages. Yep, we keep it positive too. If your Group Chat isn't also a space for positivity and upliftment you need a new one sis. Life is too short to just indulge in frivolity. Where's that getting you? Right. Find you some girls talking about retirement plans and stock options. Get you a girl thats recommending novels and productivity reads. You're as good as your circle ladies. You reflect those around you. 

Either way you put it when something happens we tell our girls. Naturally, theres a few things we take to the grave with us but some tea is just too hot to keep to ourselves. Whether men know it or not, we're a lot more alike than we are different. 

What yall think? 


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